Wet & Wild – The Way We Like It

When I was a lad growing up in London I was a single child, so i had no sisters around.  Therefore there were many mysteries about women, that fascinated and excited me.  One of the constant mysteries was women peeing.  I had heard the other boys talk about this but I was intrigued and excited and wanted to see this for myself.  Eventually at the tender age of 8 yrs I persuaded a girl in class to squat and pee in the fields near my house and let me watch.  A tremor ran thru my body that I had never experienced before and I was hooked for life.

Later, in my teens, I was a good looking youth so i had no problem meeting girls but I was very shy and hesitant to discuss their intimate habits and could not pluck up the courage to discuss peeing and ask if I could watch.  I caught the odd glimpse but nothing that would satisfy my growing lusts and desires.

All that changed when I was in my 20’s and enjoying my first proper adult relationship with a Dutch girl who was very relaxed and open about sex and intimacy.  We went on a holiday together and stayed in a caravan that had a chemical toilet and that first evening she gave me a smile, dropped her jeans and squatted on the bucket.  She saw the way my trousers bulged and realised how I was excited by peeing and the whole wet pantie thing.  She asked me if I would like to come closer and watch and play with her…

Just the memory of this is making wild with passion so i will stop my reflections for the moment and post more when I have calmed down…:-)